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Singing Therapy

I've always loved singing. From the moment I was able to control which sounds came out of my mouth, I enjoyed adding a melody to it. People once told me that I often softly sing my words, a thing I had yet to notice but I guess it's probably a result of my original language's natural prosody.   When I'd started attempting to sing my favorite songs, I hadn't cared much for the lyrics. I used to simply try to copy the sounds I was hearing. When I started paying attention to the words, everything changed ; lyrics became more important than ever. From that point, I wanted to make sure that I understood everything I sang. I needed for the words to resonate within me and entice an emotion out of me. The way those words were sang had to be just as enticing, calling out to my own voice to join the fun.  /  J'ai toujours aimé chanter. À partir du moment où j'ai pu contrôler les sons qui sortaient de ma bouche, j'aimais y ajouter une mélodie. On m'a dit un jou

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